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When Do Hinge Likes Reset? – Here Are All The Secrets!

when do hinge likes reset
when do hinge likes reset

Likes on Hinge reset daily at 4:00 AM local time. Hinge is one of the more well-known dating apps out there, yet getting started and finding quality matches may prove challenging due to various reasons such as low-quality photos, lacking information in profile or bad photo angles/lighting.

But there are steps you can take to increase your likes and find more quality matches. Here are some tips for you!

How Long Do Hinge Likes Take To Reset?

Likes on Hinge reset daily at 4:00 AM local time, meaning if you want to increase your chances of receiving likes back from others on this dating app, make sure that you’re active during this period.

It should also be noted that unlike some apps like Tinder or Tinder Plus, Hinge does not allow users to accumulate likes – once your daily quota has been met, any excess likes must wait until tomorrow’s reset for them to reset again.

Do Likes On Hinge Expire?

Likes on Hinge do not expire, meaning that they will remain visible to the recipient until they respond or delete them.

However, users can only send a limited number of likes per day, depending on their membership level.

Therefore, it is advisable to use likes wisely and strategically, and to follow up with engaging messages that show interest and personality.

How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge A Day?

Hinge provides free users with 10 likes per day – which may seem restrictive when compared with Tinder and Bumble which have unlimited swipes or caps, but should still provide enough likes to connect with interesting people on the app.

However, for users seeking more quality matches or looking to boost their profile further upgrade to Hinge+ or HingeX for unlimited likes!

How Often Do Hinge Matches Refresh?

Every day, Hinge gives you a fresh “Most Compatible” match, using the information it gathers from your profile. Hinge’s algorithm takes into account your profile information, likes/dislikes, prompt answers and dealbreaker answers to determine your Most Compatible matches.

In order to attract more matches, your prompt answers should be as detailed as possible and aim to include at least one humorous or in-depth response that illustrates who you are.

when do hinge likes reset
When Do Hinge Likes Reset

Why Do I Get So Few Likes On Hinge?

The examples below will help you increase your likes on Hinge and increase your chances of getting more matches.

  • Providing engaging prompt answers
  • Taking high-quality profile pictures:
    • Clear depiction of face
    • Avoiding large hats or accessories
    • Outdoor pictures with natural lighting
    • Uncluttered background
    • Excluding pets or children in Hinge photos
  • Writing strong bios:
    • Being upbeat and positive
    • Focusing on strengths, not past heartaches
    • Highlighting what makes you special
    • Updating bio with life changes (e.g., job, city)

Providing engaging prompt answers will make you stand out among other users on the app and increase the chances of receiving more likes and more matches! Another way to increase likes on Hinge is by taking high-quality profile pictures.

Your initial photo should clearly depict your face – any large hats or accessories should be avoided as these could obscure it. When taking pictures on Hinge, capture them outdoors using natural lighting, ensure an uncluttered background, and exclude pets or children from any photos.

Strong bios can boost your chances of getting more likes on Hinge, so making sure it is upbeat and positive will greatly increase the odds of receiving more likes from potential matches.

When writing your bio, focus on your strengths rather than past heartaches or unpleasant experiences; focus on what makes you special rather than anything negative from the past. It’s also smart to update it as your life changes: for instance if you change jobs or move cities you should adjust it to reflect this fact.

In this article, we covered when hinge likes reset and why your profile isn’t getting enough likes on Hinge. We also talked about some tips to increase both likes and match rates on this popular dating app.

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