Home Tips How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook? – 2024 – Detailed!

How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook? – 2024 – Detailed!


Have you ever wondered how to capture what’s happening on your Chromebook Screenshot? Well, you’re in luck, because I’m here to guide you through the super-simple process of taking screenshots on your Chromebook.

Whether you’re sharing your awesome gaming achievements or saving an important chat, capturing your screen is a breeze. Let’s get started!

To do this, simply press the ‘Ctrl’ key and the ‘Show all open windows’ key at the same time.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook?

Windows users will know the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard. Chromebooks do not have this option. However, Chromebook users will see an alternative to the “Print Screen” key if they look carefully at the keyboard.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Chromebook

What Is A Screenshot?

A screenshot is like taking a picture of what you see on your computer screen. It’s a handy way to save funny memes, capture important information, or show off your high score in a game.

The Magic Key Combination

Taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is easy thanks to a simple key combination. I also recommend you to read articles with “how to do it with chromebook” questions.

Hold down the ‘Ctrl‘ (control) key on your keyboard and press the ‘Show all open windows‘ key (usually located just above the number 6 key). This ‘Show all open windows’ key may look like a couple of rectangles stacked on top of each other.

How to take screenshots on your Chromebook
How to take screenshots on your Chromebook

Capture The Whole Screen

Want to capture everything you see on your screen? Just press the ‘Ctrl‘ key and the ‘Show all open windows‘ key at the same time. Voila! Your Chromebook has just taken a screenshot of your entire screen. You might hear a little sound or see a flash, and that means you did it right!

Snap A Specific Area

But what if you only want to capture part of the screen? Maybe you just want to show off a funny chat message or a cool picture. No worries, you can do that too!

Remember the “Ctrl” key? Hold it down, along with the “Shift” key, and then press the “Show all open windows” key. Your cursor will turn into crosshairs. Click and drag the crosshairs to select the area you want to capture.

Finding Your Screenshots

The screenshots can be found in the “Downloads” folder in the “png” file format, named with the date the screenshot was taken.

Finding Your Screenshots
Finding Your Screenshots

OK, so you’ve taken some great screenshots, but where have they gone? Don’t worry, your Chromebook has saved them for you. Just open the Files app, which usually looks like a little blue folder icon. You’ll find a folder called Screenshots. There you’ll find your captured screenshots, ready for you to admire and share.

Taking screenshots on your Chromebook is a breeze. Remember, you can capture the whole screen or just a portion of it with some nifty keyboard shortcuts.

How Do You Take Screenshots On Chrome OS Tablets?

This can be done using the shortcuts that many users of the Android mobile operating system are familiar with. These are as follows;

  • A screenshot is taken by pressing the power button (on/off) + volume down button at the same time.
  • Another method is; By opening the Chrome browser – “Menu -> More Tools -> Take Screenshot“.

There is no option to take window and selective screenshots like on the Chromebook. But don’t worry too much, because you can use it by cutting out the part you want from the whole screenshot.

When you take a screenshot on the Chromebook, a pop-up screen appears and disappears after 10 seconds. On this screen you will also have the option to copy to the clipboard.
With this option, you can paste it directly into the document you want to use, or use it in a photo editing program to make changes.


Taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is one of those basic skills that can make your tech life a lot easier. Whether it’s for school, gaming or just sharing fun stuff with your friends, being able to capture what’s on your screen is a useful trick. So give it a go and have fun experimenting with your new screenshot powers!

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