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Opera’s AI Move: Gemini Partnership with Google Cloud

Opera’s AI
Opera’s AI

Opera is taking the artificial intelligence revolution in the world of web browsers a step further. Opera’s Aria AI is being empowered by Google’s Gemini AI models. This collaboration is made possible, especially through the capabilities offered by Google Cloud. Aria is now expanding beyond reliance on just a single large language model (LLM) to benefit from a variety of multiple LLMs. This expansion also provides access to Gemini’s advanced tools.

These new features supported by Google Cloud highlight the capacity for creating visual and auditory content. Opera One Developer’s latest AI Feature Pack uses Vertex AI’s Imagen 2 model to generate visual content and offers voice responses in natural language through Google’s text-to-speech conversion model.

Opera’s AI portfolio is rapidly expanding. The company is enabling users to download and use LLMs on their own computers. The models available to Opera include over 150 models from more than 50 families, including Meta Llama and Google Gemma.

Additionally, Opera’s Aria AI has the capability of real-time web access, allowing for instant content creation and answering questions. Google’s Gemini AI models are among the most general and capable models developed so far. Google Cloud’s AI tools offer flexible solutions for various applications such as text and visual content creation, summarization, and question-answering. This collaboration seems poised to provide Opera users with a richer and more interactive web experience.