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Why is Nvidia Stock Going Down? (The Top 2 Reasons)

Why Are Nvidia Stock Going Down
Why Are Nvidia Stock Going Down

Why is Nvidia Stock Going Down? Nvidia’s stock has experienced recent declines due to a combination of macroeconomic concerns and business results from major retail players.

In this article, we will explain two important reasons why Nvidia shares fell. We will also try to explain curious topics such as Are Nvidia Shares Expected to Rise and What is a Fair Price for NVDA? Let’s start:

Why is Nvidia Stock Going Down?

Here are the 2 Most Important Reasons:

Macroeconomic Concerns

Reports from retail leaders, including Walmart and Home Depot, have signaled potential pressures. These companies are often viewed as bellwethers for the broader economy. Walmart’s guidance suggests that the economy is still running hot, and inflation isn’t tapering enough.

Home Depot explicitly mentioned unfavorable demand trends due to persistent inflation, which could also impact the housing market. While there isn’t any business-specific news directly affecting Nvidia, these macroeconomic signals have contributed to the stock’s decline.

Earnings Report Catalyst

Nvidia’s upcoming earnings report is a significant near-term catalyst. Investors are closely watching the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy and inflation dynamics.

The AI leader’s share price is sensitive to broader economic indicators and market sentiment. ✅

Is Nvidia Stock Expected to Go Up?

Wall Street analysts are optimistic about Nvidia’s future growth prospects.

Here’s why:

Blockbuster Earnings

Nvidia recently reported solid fourth-quarter earnings, beating analyst estimates. The company’s AI chips and data center revenue are driving growth. Analysts believe this earnings momentum will likely continue as Nvidia gears up for new product releases.

Price Targets

A large number of Wall Street analysts have raised their price targets for Nvidia. Some analysts even project four-digit price targets, emphasizing the chipmaker’s strong growth potential.

AI and Product Roadmap

Apart from AI growth, Nvidia’s product roadmap includes exciting developments. The company’s position in the semiconductor industry remains favorable.

What Is a Fair Price for NVDA?

While investigating the reasons for the decline in Nvidia stock, what is a fair price for NVDA? This question is also asked by many people. To determine a fair price for Nvidia, several valuation methods must be considered.

Morningstar Evaluation: Morningstar evaluates Nvidia’s fair value based on market prices and company fundamentals. Investors can assess the current comparison of market prices to the fair value of Nvidia’s shares.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model: Using a DCF model, Nvidia’s fair value price is estimated at $392,835. However, other analysts may have different estimates.

Wall Street Analysts: The average 1-year price target for NVDA is around $654.06, with a wide range from $443.39 to $1,1556.

What Is the True Value of Nvidia?

Nvidia’s market capitalization currently stands at approximately $1.715 trillion, making it one of the world’s most valuable companies.

The company’s growth potential, AI dominance, and product roadmap contribute to its value. Investors believe Nvidia’s sales and profit growth will continue, potentially justifying even higher valuations.

In this article, Why Are Nvidia Stock Going Down? We tried to answer the question. In summary, while short-term fluctuations occur, Nvidia’s long-term prospects remain promising. As always, investors should consider their own risk tolerance and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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