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How To Fix Hacked Android Phone? – All Details

How to fix a hacked Android phone
How to fix a hacked Android phone

How to fix a hacked Android phone, we will tell you the details in 5 great ways. Almost a billion Android devices were found to be at risk of being hacked last year. This number has increased even more this year. Usually, the greatest risk is observed on devices that do not receive software updates. However, this does not mean that devices receiving updates will not be under attack.

How to Fix If Your Phone Was Hacked?

To fix a cyber-hacked Android phone, you first need to follow the steps below. In addition, all of these steps cover any Android version and any Android phone manufacturer. Regardless of how hackers managed to install malware or viruses on your phone, the results are usually the same. Hackers will try to use any information for profit.

How to fix a hacked Android phone
How to fix a hacked Android phone

Delete All Suspicious Applications

Most cyber hackers usually attack your Android phone by using malware. To be able to detect them, enter them in the settings category of your device and click on the applications tab. If there are applications that you consider suspicious, quickly remove them from the list. But if you do not know which of the installed applications is harmful, use malware protection programs. But remember that you need to always keep antivirus programs up to date.

Delete Files That You Have Detected Malware In

Review directories through your files saved on your Android phone. To do this, log in to the folder where the files are located. By accessing the internal storage, select Android and click on data. Check out the folders created with suspicious names here. Quickly delete everything suspicious in the list. Another way to detect malware is to pay attention to comments, and reviews on Google Play and how many people have downloaded that application.

Also, check which of your data the application wants to access. I also recommend using Google Play Protect to fix a hacked Android phone. To download reliable applications, Google Play Protect is quite successful. Google Play Protect regularly scans for malicious applications. Automatically uninstalls the application if any malicious application is detected. You can find out how to do this by reading Google’s help page.


Remove Administrator Access From Your Phone

Check the list of applications that have administrator access. To do this, enter the settings section of your Android phone. Click Lock Screen and Security to go to the Other Security Settings section. Log in to the Device Administrators section within this category. Here you can see all the applications with administrator access on your phone. If there is an application that does not belong to you, restrict it so that they have limited access to it, or restrict it completely.

Clear The Cache Of Your Device

Clearing the device’s cache will both free up space on your device and help it speed up. This process is one of the most important steps to fix an especially hacked android phone. Because cleaning the files in the cache prevents suspicious processes from occurring. You can comment healthily if your phone has been hacked.

To clear the cache, turn on your phone in recovery mode. For recovery mode, turn off your device first. Hold down the On/Off key + Volume Up key and wait for the No command message to appear. Open the recovery mode menu using the volume controls. Finally, clear the cache from here. Then restart your Android phone. This process opens up a lot of free space on some devices.

Go Back To The Factory Settings (The Latest Option)

If you still suspect your device despite following all the steps, it is necessary to go back to the factory settings. Returning to factory settings will reset your phone. This process deletes all the information on your phone. We recommend that you use this method if there is no important information on your phone. This method is one of the basic methods of fixing an Android phone.

Cyber-Hacked Android Phone

Why Is It Important To Fix A Cyber-Hacked Android Phone?

We store most of our information on phones that are part of our daily lives. In addition, all of our information is very valuable. That is why we must take precautions in advance so that our Android phones will not be attacked by a cyber attack.

In our previous article entitled “List of the Best Laptops for Cybersecurity“, we reviewed the best secure computers. In this review, you can also find the most ideal computers for security.

As a result, hackers can take any action with information belonging to us. For example, they reach our bank account, take out a loan for us, transfer money through fake accounts, and transfer money to their accounts. Therefore, take precautions before an attack occurs on your phone. To fix a hacked Android phone, we recommend that you follow what we wrote above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hacked phone be repaired?

A hacked phone can be repaired by restoring the device to its factory settings and ensuring all security measures are updated and strengthened.

What if my Android phone is hacked?

If your Android phone is hacked, you should immediately disconnect from the internet, scan for malware, remove suspicious apps, and consider restoring the device to its factory settings to mitigate potential risks and secure your data.

Can you Unhack your phone?

Yes, you can “unhack” your phone by taking immediate action to remove any malware or unauthorized access, such as resetting the device to factory settings, updating security measures, and being cautious about the apps and links you interact with.

Will resetting phone remove hackers?

Resetting your phone to its factory settings will remove most types of malware and unauthorized access, effectively getting rid of hackers from your device, but it may not address any potential compromises outside the device, such as accounts or data accessed by the hackers.