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B58 Engine For Sale – Prices and All Details!

b58 engine for sale
b58 engine for sale

Our B58 Engine for Sale content is a guide and includes all the details of the b58 engine. Getting a new engine for your car is important, especially if you are looking to make some serious changes to the performance of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a new b58 engine, or a b58 supra engine, you will find that there are many options available to you.

B58 List of popular engines;

  • BMW 340i 18
  • BMW 440i 19
  • BMW M240i 18

B58 Engine For Sale

Powered by BMW’s renowned 3.0-liter inline six cylinder, the B58 is certainly a mighty fine machine. With a compression ratio of 11.0:1, this beast is more than capable of delivering a hefty dose of oomph. The engine is also paired with an eight speed automatic transmission. For a mere $5,000, you can get the full longblock assembly and a two year warranty.

Although the b58 is not offered in the U.S., the BMW group has a UK-based distributor in the form of Pumaspeed. It has also teamed up with Vargas VTT Turbochargers, an exclusive UK dealer. If you are interested in getting a hold of a B58 engine for your BMW, then you are in luck. In the meanwhile, you may have to do a little digging.

Bmw B58 Engine For Sale
Bmw B58 Engine For Sale

Bmw B58 Engine For Sale

Compared to the legendary BMW N54, the B58 engine is an enormous improvement. The B58 has a closed deck crankcase, twin turbos, aluminum alloy base, cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, Valvetronic system, double axis overhead camshaft, and variable valve timing.

Some important information about B58 Engine;

  • BMW’s B58 engine is rated at 330 horsepower from the factory. It has a displacement of 2998 cm3, a compression ratio of 11.0:1, a double axis overhead camshaft, a direct fuel injection system, and engine-mounted heat encapsulation system.
  • The B58 is a turbocharged inline six engine. The engine features a closed deck crankcase, a complex array of ribs, and twin turbos. The B58 is capable of producing 800 horsepower with internal upgrades.
  • The biggest limitations of the B58 are the pistons and rods. The pistons can handle up to 550-600 wtq, while the rods can handle up to 550-700 wtq.

Here is the b58 engine for sale and prices;

BMW Complete 1 2 Series M140i M240i B58B30A Engine$ 3,542
BMW B58 B30A M140i Complete Engine + Automatic Gearbox 2016 – 2019$ 4,583
BMW M240i Engine 3L Petrol B58B30B M140i 2019 2 Series$ 4,765
BMW F20 F21 M 140i 140 i M 3,0 B58B30A B58$ 4,730
B58B30C Engine Komplett BMW X7 (G07) xDrive 40i 250 kW$ 7,570
BMW F32 F33 F36 440 i 440i 3,0 B58B30A B58$ 3,290
Full engine/B58B30C/6269395 For BMW Series X5 G05 Xdrive40i M Sport$ 6,575
2017 BMW F30 F31 F34 340i 3,0 Engine B58 B58B30A 240 KW 360 PS$ 6,685
2020 BMW G20 G21 M3 340i G22 G23 M4 440i 3,0 Engine B58 B58B30B$ 5,660

You can find the full list of the b58 engine for sale here.

B58 Supra Engine For Sale

B58 Supra Engine For Sale

Among the many engines available to choose from is the B58 Supra engine. For a fraction of the cost of a new engine, you can enjoy the performance and prestige of this classic German performance machine.

Some useful information;

  • The B58 Supra is a worthy successor to the legendary 2JZ-GTE.
  • In the world of German performance automobiles, the B58 is a true contender.
  • The B58’s 3.0-liter inline six produces the same power as most BMW six cylinder vehicles.
  • The engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.
  • The aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned is accompanied by a two-year warranty.

The best way to learn more about the BMW B58 Supra engine is to call Ghassan Automotive at 770-433-5800. They can upgrade your engine to the next level and take the stress out of the entire process.

B58 Supra Engine for sale and its prices;

Toyota Supra Engine B58 3.0L Turbo B58B30O1 A9 MKV Longblock$ 4,100

New B58 Engine For Sale

Despite being a relatively new engine, the BMW B58 inline six is still an impressive engine. It’s also one of the best turbocharged engines on the market. In fact, the B58 is considered by many to be the best in its class. Whether you’re looking to build a new car or just upgrade your current engine, the B58 is a good choice.

The B58 is a good choice for medium weight vehicles like the BMW M3, Toyota Supra, and Lexus GS500. The B58 is a single turbo inline six with a displacement of 3.0 liters. The power output is 335 hp. The B58 also boasts an unlimited mileage warranty.

BMW New B58B30B B58 Engine For Sale$ 14,200
BMW 140i 240i 340i 440i 740i B58B30A Engine 0KM NEU$ 4,950

If you want to get information about engines for sale, you can contact us on our contact page.

The new version of the B58 will feature a revised intake manifold and better thermal management.

B58 Engine Replacement Cost

When we look at the B58 engines for sale, engine replacement costs are between $3,500 and $14,200 depending on the usage situation, excluding shipping and labor costs.

Before You Buy BMW B58 Engine Watch The Video Below!

Whether you are replacing your BMW B58 engine or you are simply looking to upgrade your engine, there are a few things you need to know about the B58 engine.

  • It is a modular engine that shares a lot with the smaller B engines.
  • There are several parts that are interchangeable between variants, which should make it easier to find aftermarket parts.
  • One of the things that makes the B58 engine different from other six-cylinder engines is its heat encapsulation system.
  • It is a system designed to prevent engine wear and damage.
  • Also , it uses a rotary valve to adjust the coolant flow rate.
  • It is powered by the crankshaft through a serpentine belt.
  • The B58 also uses a servo motor that controls the lift height of the valves.
  • This enables the engine to lower its center of gravity.
  • This allows it to be used in a wide variety of vehicles.
  • The engine has a very smooth delivery. It also has virtually no turbo lag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a BMW B58 engine?

You can buy the all-new BMW B58 engine for an average of $5,000 excluding shipping and labor costs.

How much is a used B58 engine?

A used b58 engine starts at around $3,500 depending on the condition of the engine.

How much HP can a stock B58 handle?

The BMW B58 engine can handle around 600-650whp and 550-600wtq on the stock block and internals.

How much does an S58 engine cost?

You can buy the BMW S58 engine for $5,000, including a two-year unlimited mile warranty.