Home Security Arlo Without Subscription – All Details!

Arlo Without Subscription – All Details!

Arlo Without Subscription
Arlo Without Subscription

Without a subscription, Arlo cameras can still be used. But some of the features and benefits such as motion detection, cloud storage, and customizable motion zones may not be available. Arlo cameras are generally reliable options for home security, but they do have some drawbacks. Most notably, all of their cameras require subscribers to a cloud storage plan in order to work properly.

Furthermore, the company has now informed users that their EOLd Gen 3 and Pro cams will no longer receive firmware upgrades, meaning they could potentially experience functional limitations over time.

Can Arlo Be Used Without a Subscription?

Arlo cameras work without a subscription, using the free tier to stream video via the Arlo app. Even with a subscription, the maximum stream duration is limited to 30 minutes to prevent unintended stream usage. However, it’s important to remember this limitation.

When paired with an Arlo base station, you can locally store recorded footage. However, premium features such as motion detection, cloud storage, and customizable motion zones are not available on the free tier.

Pros and Cons of Arlo

You can use Arlo cameras with or without a subscription, and they are considered among the best on the market. Even without a subscription, you can still stream video from your camera to your smartphone as mentioned earlier.

You can connect all Arlo cameras, including the Arlo Video Doorbell, to the Arlo base station when using the free tier, which is another advantage.

Connecting your camera to the Arlo base station offers benefits such as improved battery life, longer-range wireless connectivity, and the option to store recorded footage locally. However, premium features like motion detection, cloud storage, and customizable motion zones are not available on the free tier.

Depending on the type of base station you have, local video storage can be either on USB sticks or SD cards.

It’s worth noting that you can only store videos locally when using the free tier with newer cameras. Without an Arlo Smart subscription, you cannot use cloud storage. However, older Arlo cameras like the Arlo Pro 2 offer several benefits within the free plan, including up to seven days of recording in cloud storage, limited support for three months, a five-camera limit, and motion alerts to your smartphone.

Arlo Without Subscription
Can Arlo Be Used Without a Subscription?

Arlo Smart subscription Benefits

Arlo Smart subscription offers numerous additional perks and benefits that expand on the base plan. With the premium subscription, you can customize motion detection zones to provide more focused surveillance and detect people, vehicles, animals, and packages with AI technology. Moreover, an enriched notification system alerts you directly on your lock screen or notification bar without the need to open the app, and offers quick options like calling an emergency contact or activating the system’s siren.

Arlo Smart offers two subscription options: the Premier Plan and the Elite Plan.

Premier Plan$2.99 (one camera)$9.99 (five cameras)
Elite Plan$4.99 (one camera)$14.99 (five cameras)
  • The Premier Plan costs $2.99/month for one camera and $9.99/month for up to five cameras,
  • while the Elite Plan costs $4.99/month for one camera and $14.99/month for up to five cameras.
  • Both plans allow for cloud storage of up to 30 days of footage. But the Elite Plan allows recording in 4K resolution, which is suitable for the Arlo Ultra and other 4K cameras, while the Premier Plan provides 2K or 1080p resolution, suitable for other Arlo models.

The Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 2, Q, Q Plus, and the Baby Camera can record 24/7, but the Arlo Smart subscription does not include this feature. You must add a Continuous Video Recording (CVR) subscription to your camera to access this feature.

You can only view the 24/7 recordings on the Arlo app or website as they cannot be downloaded or backed up locally. Arlo provides two options for a CVR subscription: $10/month per camera for 14 days of 24/7 recording and $20/month per camera for 30 days of 24/7 recording.

Arlo Camera Plans, The Clearest Information

Is an Arlo Subscription Worth Buying?

The issue of Arlo subscriptions can be a controversial topic among Arlo users. Some claim that the subscription does not add significant value to their experience. While others argue that purchasing a subscription provides access to the best functions and features of their Arlo camera.

If you are experiencing a quick battery drain with your camera, switching to a base station may be a better option, as the subscription does not provide much improvement in this area. Nevertheless, if you want to access premium features such as higher resolution, cloud storage, and AI detection, then subscribing to Arlo Smart is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arlo programmed to only record when it detects motion?

Arlo cameras have four distinct modes to operate – Armed, Disarmed, Schedule, and Geofencing. The armed mode activates the camera when it detects motion or sound (for newer models), records for 10 seconds, and sends an alert to you.

The schedule mode enables you to set a recording schedule for the camera, regardless of whether or not it detects any triggers. Geofencing mode allows you to switch between modes depending on the GPS location of your mobile device.

How can you determine if someone is viewing you on Arlo?

Arlo cameras have red LEDs surrounding the camera lens, which turn on when someone is watching the camera’s live feed. Therefore, if you notice these lights, it means that your camera is operational and someone is currently viewing the stream. However, it’s worth noting that these lights are only visible in poorly lit areas and won’t be noticeable in well-lit rooms.

Can Arlo cameras be blocked?

Regrettably, similar to other WiFi cameras, Arlo cameras can also be blocked or disrupted. In the case of wired systems, the phone lines can be cut off to disable the camera.

Does the Arlo doorbell count as a device?

Indeed, the Arlo Video Doorbell counts as a camera when it comes to the maximum number of devices allowed on your Arlo account or included in your Arlo Smart subscription.