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Android 15 and Gemini AI to Integrate Closely

Android 15 and Gemini AI
Android 15 and Gemini AI

At the Google I/O 2024 event, new AI-powered experiences for Android devices were announced. Notably, the Android 15 mobile operating system will now work closely with the Gemini artificial intelligence. The company emphasizes their goal to redesign how you interact with your Android phone.

Android 15 and Gemini to Offer a New Experience 

According to Google, Android has been designed with artificial intelligence at its core, and Gemini is a fundamental part of the system-level Android experience. The system includes an AI-powered search bar that can be used to answer questions and search for information, and starting today, the Circle to Search feature can be used to solve math and physics problems or get homework help.

Gemini serves as an AI assistant on Android, replacing Google Assistant, and the Gemini AI can be displayed as a layer over any app in use. Gemini will be context-aware and able to predict what the smartphone user is doing and provide context at the moment. Gemini can create texts and visuals for social media or answer questions related to a watched video. Additionally, it can parse PDFs, websites, and other content by providing summaries and translations.

Gemini updates will allow you to highlight the new assistant in any app and drag its content to other apps, ask questions about things on the screen, and much more. Google says these features will be available on “hundreds of millions of devices” in the coming months.

The local on-device Gemini Nano model will soon become multimodal. This means Gemini Nano will be able to process not just text but also sounds, spoken language, images, and more. Gemini Nano’s multimodal features will be available to Pixel users later this year.

Furthermore, Gemini Nano will enhance TalkBack to help visually impaired users better understand their surroundings. Since the language model operates on the device, results will appear much faster without the need for an active internet connection.

Lastly, Gemini Nano will be better at detecting fraud by providing real-time alerts during searches. Google states that the model can detect fraud patterns while keeping all your conversations and related data only on your device.

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